By way of an introduction

Hello, I’m Rhiannon and by day I am an editor, proof reader and general publications professional. I have a slight obsession with branding, love words, pictures and anything creative. When I’m not dealing with the printed word I like to be outdoors, preferably with a mountain bike or hiking boots and armed with a camera.

I’ve been writing a diary for over thirty years, which means I have all those teenage rants and embarrassing thoughts in black and white (I decided black ink was a smarter colour choice than blue, so even at 13 I was making a personal brand choice). This blog is not a diary but stems from entries that would otherwise remain behind a password. Razz is a nickname I’ve had from school. I use it as a homage to my younger self who couldn’t put the pen down in the quest to note what was going on around her. Abdi is a new name for me and forms part of my surname thanks to my husband. I rather like the way it flows.

I’m not going to be talking about any one topic. You’ll find holiday write-ups, views on films, books and places I’ve been and I’m sure my interests will quickly become clear. I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

By way of an introduction

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